Market players are monitoring high-level meetings between President Donald Trump and other NATO leaders

Posted on December 4, 2019

Trump told reporters in London that might be better to conclude a trade deal with China after elections. The U.S. is due to impose fresh duties on Chinese goods by December 15.

France and the wider European Union have promised to retaliate against potential U.S. tariffs on French goods. The U.S. Trade Representative announced Monday a list of French goods that could see tariffs of up to 100%. The decision came after France introduced a digital services tax, which the U.S. argues treats U.S. tech companies unfairly. Other European countries, including the U.K. have plans to impose a digital tax.

U.S. Commerce Secretary said the Trump administration has not ruled out imposing tariffs on imported European autos, despite not announcing a decision in November on whether to put additional levies on cars in the region.