Ecoark Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX: ZEST)

Posted on May 1, 2018

Supermarket News and Zest Labs Webinar: Three Ways Grocers Can Improve Fresh Food Product Margins and Reduce Shrink

Attendees will Learn How Visibility into the Fresh Food Supply Chain Prevents Shrink While Increasing Margins by Six Percent or More

Zest Labs, an AgTech company modernizing the post-harvest fresh food supply chain, today announced that it will be featured on a webinar with Supermarket News to discuss how grocers can reduce fresh food waste and improve product margins by six percent or more while increasing customer satisfaction. Zest Labs is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ecoark Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX: ZEST), to be renamed Zest Technologies, Inc.

The retail grocery business has never been tougher. Retailers are being hit from all sides with new low-price competitors, dramatic increases in freight costs, and customers increasing demands for visibility and accountability about the freshness and authenticity of the fresh food they buy. The result: product margins are being squeezed and grocers are trying to contain costs.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • Why traditional approaches to fresh food management lead to waste and reduced product margins
  • The role of new technologies including blockchain, IoT and analytics in cutting costs
  • Three ways to quickly reduce fresh food shrink and improve the bottom line


Peter Mehring, CEO, Zest Labs
Alan Liddle, data and event content director, Supermarket News


“Margins Matter – Don’t Get Squeezed”


Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 2:00 pm ET/11am PT


About Zest Labs
Zest Labs is an AgTech company modernizing the post-harvest fresh food supply chain to improve food safety and reduce food waste by 50% or more. Our flagship solution, Zest Fresh, provides autonomous, field-to-shelf visibility for proactive decision making to improve delivered freshness and reduce shrink. Integrated blockchain technology provides true transparency for food safety, product freshness and traceability. Zest Fresh improves product margins and increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty while promoting sustainability.

To learn more about Zest Labs, please click here. To watch a video about Zest Fresh, please click here.